Mindfulness And Breaking Free of Busyness

side of the road

Choose a pace that feeds you.

Our culture pushes so hard to do more, to get one more thing done.

There’s an endless push.

Strive. Strive. Strive.

Rush. Rush. Rush.

I could feel this happening as I was about to leave work tonight.

I thought if I leave now I’ll have time to pull off to the side of the road and meditate for 10 minutes OR

I could go to the store and pick up X that I “need”.

I sat with that and chose the former because time for stillness feeds my inner calm and helps me be a better me for me and all in my household when I open the door.

Give yourself 5 minutes to be before you step into your house after work.

Let’s stop the collective glorification of rushing, rushing, rushing.

5 minutes of stillness for your health (for your blood pressure, for your cortisol levels for your peace).

Gift yourself this time:

For you, your well-being, and every person in your life.

With love and gratitude,



The Gift of Choice with Mindfulness

choice iii

Choice. This is such a huge part of mindfulness. In every moment, we have the space to choose the most growthful outcome.

I wanted to share a powerful moment of choice from my life yesterday.

Alexander and I were getting ready to go to music lessons. And with potty training we were running a tad late. I never rush him but as he circled back to get his stuffed elephant Miss Tina and asked “Momma, can I ask you a question?” I could feel the words “Come on. Come on.” in the back of my throat.

I observed the words but didn’t say them. I swallowed them because I knew they were of no benefit.

And here’s what happened because I didn’t say them and I have tears in my eyes just recalling this conversation:

Alexander: Momma, what would you grow in your garden?

Me: Squash, kale, tomatoes. What would you grow in your garden?

Alexander: Flowers, lots of flowers and I would pick them and give them to my friends. I would pick them and give them to you Momma.

Tears in my eyes for so many reasons. Because of the thoughtful sentiment. But mostly, because I chose to be present for his words.

I was filled with SUCH gratitude for my choice. Because had I rushed him, this beautiful, golden moment, this precious conversation would never have happened. .

Every word out of your mouth has a consequence. You choose how skilfully you show up.

Practice your mindfulness meditation every day and then, when you feel habitual words or phrases rise inside you — ask yourself this:

Will these words benefit this situation?

My answer in my moment was no.

Will every moment be like this? Will we be mindful every moment? Maybe not. But when we are, it is pure gold.

I wish you a beautiful weekend filled with moments for self and beautiful mindful moments with those you treasure most.

Mindfulness Educator, Mind Detox & Mind Calm Coach.